Thursday, 30 July 2009

News flash from rainy West Yorkshire - another lovely follower (also from West Yorkshire) has joined my merry band! A warm welcome to Jo from Jo has some beautiful projects on her blog, and she is also a Stampin' Up demonstrator - if you haven't seen the SU products, do take a look via Jo's Blog - they are fabulous! Thanks Jo. Love, Sylvia xxx


Liz said...

Oh will pop over in a minuite Is it not lovely to get new followers?

Liz x

Wilma said...

Hi Sylvia - well done on another follower your blog is certainly worth it - thanks for the comments and the rhyme here's one back:
You'll not miss me much
'cos we'll still keep in touch
when the alphabets done
we'll still have some fun !! LOL

Spyder said...

Hi this is Lyn,
(I wish I was thin)
Just wanted to say
Have a nice day!
And thank you sooo much for plugging my blog on your side bar!!
(Sorry that bit didn't rhyme!)

Gini said...

Sylvia how do you do?
I am a very happy moo!
Thank you for my friend award,
I'll keep it on my ship aboard,
You may now call me "Mi'Lord",
I'm nothing if not untoward...

It could have been worse, the second line could have been "I am a very happy poo!"
Well - I'm rubbish at rhyming poems as you can tell.
My award is very lovely and you are very sweet to give it to me :-)
thank you very much
Gini xx

Gini said...

OK, Himself saw my drafting of your poem on a scrap piece of paper, he said it was awful, (which it was, I freely admit I can't do rhyming) so he drafted this instead, in about 3 seconds flat. Now I can look at this two ways:

1. I could think "Show off, show off, pick your nose and blow off" if I was very childish, which of course I'm not :-)


2. I could think "Aren't I lucky to have such a talented husband" and do the self congratulating thingy and go get him to earn some extra money writing verse for cards, the extra 50p will come in very handy.

Verse take 2 courtesy of Himself:

Sylvia what a lovely thing
that you have done for me
Thank you for my friend award
I'm happy as can be.

I've put it up on my blog
So everyone can see
That you are kind and thoughtful
and a good friend to me.

Aaaah it's so much better second time around!!